The role of open data to better adapt and be resilient to climate change

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Fostering collaboration to open up climate change data

Open Data as a tool to fight corruption

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Building a Data Taxonomy for Pandemic Preparedness

Highlights from the city’s COVID-19 Data Meet-up Report

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Notes from the country’s COVID-19 Data Meet-up

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Mexico’s learnings and highlights are summarised as follows:

For Public Health

  1. Data is necessary for action.
    Having inaccurate data regarding the number of COVID-19 cases prevents the authorities from making decisions and will in turn make any community feel helpless amidst a crisis.
  2. Data structures must be dynamic. Governments must think in terms of data structures that allow the dynamism of a pandemic…

El rol de los datos abiertos para una mejor adaptación y resiliencia al cambio climático

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Highlights from their latest COVID-19 data meetup

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What are the recommendations?

  1. Develop and implement an action plan to improve the findability, access to, and sharing of the most important data.
  2. Identify the most important data…

ODC 2021–2022 Strategy and Work Plan

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Open Data Charter

Collaborating with governments and organisations to open up data for pay parity, climate action and combatting corruption.

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