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Highlights from ODC’s Implementation Working Group Discussion in July

Data Institutions, data stewardship and opening data beyond transparency

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ODC Board appoints its new Executive Director

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  1. Increasing provision and quality of open data
  2. Facilitating the usage of open data
  3. Leveraging data competence to establish a true open data culture in public administration.

By Carlos Daniel Barba Rodriguez, Coordinador de Parlamento Abierto

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Castellón se suma a los 150 gobiernos que ya son parte de la Carta Internacional de Datos Abiertos

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A series where we get to know people within ODC’s network

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  1. Where are you on your open data journey?

Implementación de la Guía de apertura de datos anticorrupción

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Hello from ODC’s new Project Manager…

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Open Data Charter

Collaborating with governments and organisations to open up data for pay parity, climate action and combatting corruption.

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