Compiling Data Inventories

Collaborative Working in Action

Photo by NASA on Unsplash


The Key Players

The Approach

  • Establish a base level inventory of marine geospatial data held by each organisation
  • Create and collect a base level of attributes describing this data
  • Identify key stakeholders currently working with and managing marine data
  • Start building a picture of the marine geospatial data landscape (i.e. where the information is held)
  • Initiate a conversation around prioritising datasets for public release and/or internal access

The Process

  • Review and capture publicly available information
  • Review and capture any immediately obvious internal data holdings
  • Consult representatives across the business to discuss and review data sources, and capture any missing data holding
  • Publish the initial inventory on and provide recommended next steps in conjunction with Stats NZ
  • Deliver a maintenance guide for each agency to help keep their inventories up to date

The Outcome

The Benefits

What worked well

Power in a collective

Identifying duplication

Starting the discussion on data

Lessons learned

One methodology, with an agile implementation

Not all surprises are pleasant

Good is good enough

Be upfront with agencies regarding their required input

What’s next?

  • Each organisation will be provided with a maintenance guide, which sets out our recommendations to continue maximising the use and value of the data inventory.
  • Provides guidance around what is required for maintenance, including an outline of the suggested maintenance principles, and a high-level maintenance review process
  • These principles and processes can then be tailored more specifically to each organisation alongside their information management teams and current practices

The Power of Many



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