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Uzbekistan joins the Open Data Charter

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Photo by Safar Safarov on Unsplash
  • Uzbekistan became the first country in Central Asia to be included in the most comprehensive list of open data portals in the world
  • According to the UN E-Government Survey 2020, Uzbekistan is among the 41 countries in the world with the highest indicator (Very High OGDI) according to open data in the Open Government Data Index
  • Uzbekistan ranks 6th in the world in terms of the number of open data sources.
  • Uzbekistan scored 63 points and moved 125 positions up to rank 44th in the world and 1st in Central Asia in the Open Data Inventory (ODIN) released in December 2020.
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Collaborating with governments and organisations to open up data for pay parity, climate action and combatting corruption.

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